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Struggle Froggy - Core Lite 3+3

Struggle Froggy - Core Lite 3+3

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3 Main Trackers
3 Extensions
1x Type C Data/Splitter Cable
GoPro Style Harness
5 Straps

1 Chest tracker + 1 Hip extension! 
2 Thigh Trackers + 2 ankle extensions! 

want to enjoy Full body in VRC and not break the bank? this is it! unbeatable price for your needs!

these is a ready to go set and uncalibrated! there is a simple easy to understand video guide in the discord help chat :) 

Please allow a 1-2 week Lead time for Labor and shipping. 

As a reminder please ensure you have a 2.4GHz WiFi access point/router (Avoid channels 12-14). these are a must requirement for Venti Trackers. they will not work with anything other than a 2.4Hz wifi. thank you. 

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