my experience with these trackers was quite difficult since i really don't have the best pc setup and specs or the best internet ever for these trackers to fully work and experience it how i want to but even so when i got them to work for a little with my internet they have been completely game changing for me. i love being able to dance and move in vr and playing just dance with my friends and it's made the game so much more fun for me. Ventidge has been a big help and helped me get them working to a point that I'm very happy with! I love how long the battery last and i never have to worry about battery dying. the only thing that sucks for me is just trying to keep my straps up for a long time and have them stay in place even especially when trying to calibrate with the velcro straps i bought lol but i’ll figure it out :) ! it’s great !!!! thank you
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